Davey and Mommy go for a walk.

Yesterday morning was such a warm and pretty day that Davey and I decided to go on a walking picture taking journey.

Every journey should begin with a homemade chocolate chip cookie snack.

“Mommy take a picture of that tree!”  So I did.  Not a terrific composition.

“Mommy!  A rock wall!  Can I climb on it?”  He climbed all over it.

And walked back and forth across it.

Upon finding a pinecone –

One must kick it.

At which point  Mommy started yelling, “away from the street, away from the street”, although he really had no plans to run into the street.  I was afraid it might be tempting to kick that pine cone  again.

We walked to a little natural foods store by our apartment.  We love this little store.  We wandered around a little.  Davey saw this soap.  “Mommy, what is this? Take a picture of it!”  So I did.

We decided to stop for lunch.  The boy is starting to develop a little bit of an attitude regarding the omnipresent camera.  Yeah, I can understand why.

But mostly he tolerates it and says, “Can I see the picture?”

On our way home we walked through a bed of volcanic black lava!

He found another pine cone and decided he needed to take this one home.

And of course a stick.

And we returned home.  I am glad I can blog about and remember a day like this.



3 thoughts on “Davey and Mommy go for a walk.

  1. I’m with Susan on this one — I wish all my journeys started out with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

    PS – I have found that if you want to take a picture of something in public which might look odd to those who don’t know about blogging, hand the camera to your child. Nobody thinks it’s odd when a kid takes a picture of something that doesn’t seem all that photo-worthy (and sometimes they’ll even pose for it).

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