Cabling without a Needle

I needed a little project today to take with me to story hour.  It’s 25 minutes of good knitting time!  So I have this somewhat lofty goal to knit up all my yarn this year.   I have a bunch of cotton that needs knitting, so I thought I’d make some dishcloths.

I remembered my friend Ronnie from Arkadelphia telling me that the best way to learn new stitches is to practice them in dishcloths.  She was speaking more specifically about lace at the time.  I am still scared of lace though, so I am not taking that on yet.

But I found a simple pattern that called for an easy cable.  The pattern suggested doing the cable without a cable hook.   It’s easier to practice if you are just trying to cable two stitches at a time as is done in this pattern.  The person who wrote the pattern directed me to a great video which demonstrates how to do this.

I was always a little nervous about cabling without a needle.  I had visions of loose stitches flopping everywhere.  This video gave me new confidence.

So I am practicing on this pretty dishcloth.  Green is my favorite color, but I sure like this sunny yellow too.  The color doesn’t look quite as light and sunny in the photo.  I am enjoying this pattern.

And that’s a post about a dishcloth.

1 thought on “Cabling without a Needle

  1. That is a very pretty dishcloth! I can cable without a needle, but do it so rarely I have to look up directions every time. I’m hoping a cabled sweater that’s in my queue might help me get the technique to stick with me.

    You are going to be great at lace knitting. Go ahead and jump in 🙂

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