I’ve been knitting some purple things lately.  I knit my purple elfish hat.  I used the same yarn to make fingerless gloves with a flap.

It was my first attempt at the flap, and it was hard to visualize how that flap should attach to the hand.  Very hard.  I got it though.  I wasn’t overly thrilled with this pattern.  It’s ok, but it’s kind of plain.  More practical and sturdy really.  Not that there is anything wrong with practical and sturdy.

And another to kinda show the pattern in the flip top.

I’d made these for a friend who’d very generously sent Davey some great Build-a-Bear things.  (Amongst the items she sent was a bear sized umbrella.  I am telling you that umbrella is a bigger hit than the bear and everything else combined.  He plays with it constantly.  I am afraid he will wear it out soon, and I am going to need to replace it for him.)

So anyway, I wanted to knit something a little prettier for her.  I had this sock yarn in these pretty pretty purples.  I love the shifts in the colors.  It was a lot of fun to knit with, and it had me craving purple kool-aid and grape popsicles.

I highly recommend this pattern.   Great tv watching knit.  I made the arms a little longer than the pattern called for, and I like the longer look as well.

I have enough yarn to make another pair.  I think I will.

And that’s a post about purpley hand coverings.


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