“I’m Savin’ Up for Knitting Lessons!”

My brother and sister-in-law sent me the coolest “piggy bank” today.  I’d not seen anything like it before.  I love it.

I love the message on the top of it too, and the skulls with knitting needles through the head are great.

Time to start savin’!

7 thoughts on ““I’m Savin’ Up for Knitting Lessons!”

  1. That is too cool! Is her sweater about curling? For a minute I thought the motif was a little bomb with 2 brooms… Which reminded me of how much I hate housework…

    • I think they got it at the american visual arts museum, baltimore. I was looking them up this morning trying to find an online gift shop, and I think it’s actually called the american visionary arts museum. Looks like a really cool museum!

  2. How cute! When we first moved here, one of the grocery stores would redeem coupons with cash. You paid the full amount for your groceries and they gave you the cash back for your coupons so you could see and feel the money you were saving. I used to put that money aside for extra things. The store changed hands (many times) and now they don’t do that anymore but I loved it!

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