Three Years Ago and Today

I’ve been looking at early pictures of Davey.  I wanted to see what he looked like 3 years ago –  in March of 2008.

He was a little booger having a great time.  He was learning how to eat solid food.  This was around the time of his first Easter.

As 4 month old,  he wanted to try to eat paper.

Today he says things like, “Mommy!  They are approaching!”

Here he is in March of 2009.  Such a sweet grin.

And now just today, Davey was listening to the radio with me.  I’ll listen to some songs that I think are ok for him to hear.  But then he listens and says, “Mommy, what are the feelings in this song?”  So together we try to figure out what is happening in the song.  He always has very interesting condensed ideas of what’s going on.

And then I look back to just one year ago.

The kid who continues to be fascinated by all things poop. 🙂

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