A Developing Sock Problem.

I guess I don’t necessarily really see this as a problem yet.  I like to have multiple projects going.  However, I may be getting carried away.

I am working on several pairs of socks.

First there are the Joy of Sox socks.  These really have put a kink in my progress on knitting my way through this book.  I need to sit down and just get them done, but they are so so so so slow going.  I enjoy them.  It’s a great pattern, but so slow.  I’ve mentioned this before.  And then there is the additional thing that I have to acknowledge.  I’ve not yet even finished the First sock.

The other day I started a pair of socks which just have a very short anklet type of cuff.  It was incredible how fast I got to the heel!  They have a lace pattern, so I thought they’d be good practice for my lace improvement.

Then I have 3 very lonely completed socks.

I completed the first one sometime last year before we left Arkansas.  I don’t understand why I have not finished it.   The pattern is called “Spring Forward“, and it is such a fun pattern.

I finished the following sock sometime last fall.  It is a rather plain sock that is going to be for David.  The pattern is not bad.  There’s no reason not to finish this sock.

And finally, I finished this sock a week or so ago.  I love this tofutsi sock yarn. The striping was very fun.  I am using a simple rib pattern from a Nancy Bush sock pattern book that I received from my sister for Christmas.  Great patterns in this book!

So.  I can only hope that I won’t cast on any additional socks until these are all finished.  Or at least one pair of them.



7 thoughts on “A Developing Sock Problem.

  1. I went through a terrible phase of Second Sock Syndrome where I had several (too many to admit to without embarrassment) single socks and ended up frogging most of them!

  2. Make a little game — you must finish ONE project before you can start another. OR … you must knit 10 rounds on a sock and then you can move on to the next sock …. until they are all finished.

    They do look lovely by the way. I’ve never seen that TOFUtsies colorway. It’s very pretty.

  3. Don’t worry about it (this said from the knitter who has 5 socks on the needles). Think of it as choices. You have a variety of knitting to choose from to suit your mood. 🙂

  4. If you have started to feel mildly guilty about how many you have underway, or you feel like you are cheating on one sock when you knit on another one, finishing a pair might be a good idea. On the other hand, it’s so much more fun to have things to switch between depending what you feel like doing, than gritting your teeth to do the 2nd sock when you’re not yet in the mood for it.

    They’re all looking great!

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