Make up Socks #1 and Broccoli

I finally finished the first sock last night.  These are the socks from my Joy of Sox project.  I’ve really hit a bump (a mountain!) in my progress through this book.  I got distracted with The Sweater and some other things.  Plus, I just can’t believe how slow these went.  It took me a couple of  hours to do the 14 final rounds of rib last night.  Because there is nothing quick about this sock.  The rib was a twisted rib, so each stitch was knit into the back.  That just slows me down abit.  As a matter of fact, nearly every knit stitch in the whole sock was knit in the back.

But.  I’m really kinda proud to have finished it.  I am debating on crying when I contemplate starting Sock Number 2! 🙂

I tried to get a couple of good pictures.  Here is the back top of the sock:

Then here is the top part of the front.

So it’s really pretty cool I think.

Sock number 2 here I come.  It will probably go a little faster once I relearn how to do that magic cast on thing that I did for the first time 5 months ago.

Now for Broccoli.  We have been celebrating like Davey won  a Nobel Prize.  But he’s finally eating some vegetables.  And not only did he eat them, but he requested them.  And then he requested more.

We’ve stayed pretty laid back on the whole vegetable thing.  We’d offer them pretty frequently, but he’d decline.  Or he’d put it in his mouth and pretend to chew and say, “mmmmm that’s delicious!” and then run away fast.   I have had a feeling he’d come around because he is a reasonable kid.  And he has two very unpicky parents.  So I don’t know that true pickiness is possible given his DNA make-up.  (That said, I am sure we have many picky moments to come.)

So anyway.  Yesterday afternoon I hear this:  “Mommy, can I have some vegetables?”

I said, “Sure!”

He first asked for carrots.  Then lettuce.  (It’s slim pickings around here at the moment since we are moving in a couple of days.)  So we settled on some frozen broccoli.

“Mommy, I need vegetables so that I can grow up to be strong and brave!”  I am guessing this came from some show he’d watched, but I’ll take it.

I sprinted to the kitchen to get it ready.  Little butter and salt on it.  I cut it into little bite-size morsels that involved all tree and no stalk.

He ate every bite.

“Mommy.  Can I have some more?”

Off I went again to make more broccoli which he ate like popcorn.

An hour or so later, he went potty.  He doesn’t have it all quite down yet, so he sometimes asks for a reward.  It’s usually, “Mommy, can I have a lolly?”  Today it was, “Mommy!  I went potty!  Can I have some broccoli?”

Then for dinner, he wanted broccoli.  So I made lots of broccoli for all of us.  (At this point, I was starting to worry he’d ask for more, as I was starting to consider the possible ramifications of all that fiber.)

Now I have to hope we didn’t have vegetable overload yesterday.  As soon as we get to the house, off to the store I go to buy a nice assortment of vegetables for him to try.


5 thoughts on “Make up Socks #1 and Broccoli

  1. Oh my GOSH–that sock is gorgeous! I can’t believe how beautiful it is–how on earth are you ever going to wear it (or them, when you make the 2nd!)?! I’m like you, once I get done with the first sock I feel I should be finished–done. Then reality slaps me on the face that I’m only 50% done. URG!!!!!!!!
    Re: Broccoli–how did you do it? I could not get Lovely Daughter to eat veggies for years and years…. That’s just shocking! Good job!

  2. The sock is so gorgeous, you HAVE to get this pair done as soon as you can. Think how proud you’ll be! What’s really great about Davey and the Vegetables (sounds like a kids book) is that the mystery of an unknown food has been opened now and he knows there isn’t much to fear. Heck, most adults prefer NOT to eat this or that vegetable. I happen to agree with your hubby…Brussels Sprouts rule! And fresh cooked beets. My mom always made carrots with a bit of orange juice and a spoon of honey. They were so delish. I had broccoli for dinner last night too 🙂 and I’m off to the store for more today. Maybe it’s something in the air. LOL

  3. Broccoli is a pretty big star around your house! LOL


    The sock looks great too. Sounds like you had a pretty successful day yesterday.

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