Big Day Eve

Tomorrow is the big day.  All our boxes are packed – we’re ready to go.  One thing about having moved 8 million times over the last 20 years is that we’ve become adept movers.  This really has just finally happened for us in the last couple of moves though.

Everything is packed.   It took me probably 18 moves to realize that “the few things I am leaving until last” really really add up quickly.   So everything is packed.  Even most of my knitting.  David was kind enough to draw a big huge star on that box and label it “knitting” in nice big letters.  He knows I’ll panic quickly if I can’t locate the box.  I do have my sock out to work on though.  Gotta have something.

Davey and I went to buy a bed today.  The testing of bed comfort was great fun for little Davey.  “This bed is too jiggly.”  “This bed is too shaky.”  “This bed is too hard.”  Finally we settled on one that was just right.  We needed a guest room bed for all the guests we hope will be visiting!  We also needed an extra bed for the off chance that I might occasionally possibly rarely snore.  Sometimes Davey might have crawled in with us in the middle of the night, and I think we both might snore and drive David the light sleeper away.

It was only in the last move that I was not scrambling for paper with which to wrap.  Big $8.00 box of white wrapping paper from U-Haul is the only way to go.  Just for future reference!

I just watched Koko walk to the back bedroom bathroom in search of water.  No, she doesn’t drink out of the toilet.  I am afraid that the boxes have the poor girl so befuddled that she can’t find her water bowl in the kitchen.  She did finally locate it.  She’s going to be ready for a nice sunny nap in our backyard.

Moving.   Ugh.  But we can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Big Day Eve

  1. Good luck with everything! A new home is so exciting. We haven’t moved in 13 years, after a period of packing up and shifting things every 3-4 years for awhile. Sometimes I miss that “fresh start” feeling you get with a new place to live.

    We just cleaned the garage and found multiple boxes where “old papers” had been crossed out and remarked “old, old papers” which must mean they haven’t been opened since about 1994. Will it take us another decade to shred them? It wouldn’t surprise me.

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