Colorado Spring

So this is our first Colorado spring.  It’s been pretty cool.  The trees are starting to get green.  In the parts of the world where we formerly lived (except Seattle), temps have already hit at least 80.  So on Saturday when it hit 84 here, we thought – yep Spring is here.  (and practically Summer really in most places we lived.)

Time to break out the shorts!  Davey is already asking at least once a day when we will go to the waterpark.  “Mommy?  Can we go to the pool today?”

Here’s how things looked Saturday in Boulder:

But things were changing by Sunday morning.

We were fascinated by the whole possibility of snow.

As soon as it began, Davey was outside with his umbrella. Not much happening here, but he was ready.

And then the snow really began to come down.  Big wet Spring flakes.

Davey and Koko soon went back out to check it out.

Davey made snow angels! (He’s not dressed adequately for real snow play.  I love how he has his hand carefully held just above the deck.)

Fascinating stuff!

The snow fell heavily for an hour or so.  It didn’t last for long.

Fun Spring.

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