Long Distance KAL (knit-a-long!) & Driving Cars

I’ve decided to work on overcoming my fear of lace – caused by the ineptitude I have shown in every pattern I have attempted thus far.

So my friends at Knit Unto Others in Arkadelphia started lace shawls.  It’s a pattern by Wendy Johnson called “Seaside Shawlette“.  I think it’s supposed to be a beginnerish lace shawl.

It’s very fun for me to think about knitting this along with them, even though it would be nice to actually sit with them and knit on it.

If they could hear me trying to follow the pattern though, they might feel fortunate that I am not there.   On the positive side, I have learned to read a chart.  On the possibly negative side, I have found that saying each stitch aloud before I knit it helps me stay on track.

“Yarnover.  Knit 4.  SSK, Yarnover.  Knit 3.  Yarnover, K2Tog.”  etc.

I have made it through the set up rows and am now working on the first chart.  I am using such a nice yarn by Crystal Palace.  It’s called Panda Silk.  52% Bamboo, 42% Wool and 5% silk.  It has that nice cool feel that bamboo always seems to have.

I also rationalized that in order to make the whole lace thing as easy on myself as possible, that I should buy some Addi Turbo Lace needles.  Wow.  Are they nice.

So so far, the knitting of the shawl has been very fun.  I have a little more confidence in my abilities as I can undo a little better now than I might have before.  I need to put in a lifeline.  I actually did, but I accidentally put it through all my stitch markers as well.  Yeah, that wasn’t a bright move.

The picture doesn’t do the color justice.  It’s a little softer orange than that and it has this pretty sheen.  I need to try to photograph it better.

And on to a totally non-knitting related subject.  (Except that I was knitting on the deck as I watched them play.)  Davey and David drew a town with sidewalk chalk and then commenced to play with cars which drove all over town.

Davey loved it!

Drivin’ cars.

5 thoughts on “Long Distance KAL (knit-a-long!) & Driving Cars

  1. Wow, we’re twins! Your lace experience is identical to mine, except I gave up! I tried reading chart reading, bought the Addi Turbo lace needle, everything, and it just looked like a tumbled mess. I love my yarn and am keeping it in my bag, but girl, I’m not ready for lace!
    Good luck lacing! 🙂 L

  2. Nice start to your shawl! I have found it does help to say each stitch out loud which I do on some of the rows. I also noticed my yarn overs moving over my stitch markers if I was using the little rings. So now I use a stitch marker that has something hanging from it and my yarn overs stay put.
    Cute town. Maybe my grandson would like to draw one outback when he comes down to visit. hmmm… I’ll have to ask him.

  3. Welcome to the dark side! You are more than capable of being a pro lace knitter. Some mistakes are inevitable, but that is okay. You might want to make a dishcloth or an easy hat at the same time so you can take a break from it but still get to knit.

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