We wait for the dinosaur and make cupcakes

The dinosaur is slowly chipping away at his shell (ok or the shell is dissolving). Davey has determined that he is a t-rex.

We pretend to be a little scared!

And then we decided to make cupcakes.

We made the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.

Here is something I should not have done.  The recipe calls for baking soda and vinegar (among other things).  Well, I could not resist putting the vinegar directly onto the baking soda in the bowl so that I could show Davey the fun bubbly reaction.

I think I deactivated the baking soda?  Many of the cupcakes had little sinkholes in the middle.  They still tasted good though and actually it was a chance to sneak more icing on there.

Davey decorated them.  He went with a combination of star sprinkles and M&Ms.

Then he wanted to eat one (meaning he wanted to lick all the “icin'” off one.)

Then he made a big mess with the icin’ and so he decided he needed to get rid of his icin’ed clothes.

Maybe tomorrow the t-rex will have emerged completely from his shell.  Davey will be downstairs first thing in the morning to check.

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