Mile High Excursion

Today we decided to check out the Mile High Flea Market.

When I go to flea markets I always hope to find fun little treasures amidst old junk.  There was not much of this at this flea market.  It was pretty much just – well – new junk.  There were a few sections where people had brought in some old/used stuff, but I didn’t find anything.

That was ok though.  It was beautiful out, and we enjoyed walking around.

Plus there was fresh kettle corn.  That alone may have made the trip worth it.

And even better?  A couple of carnival rides that were just Davey’s size.

He loved it!

The first time he rode the second ride, he “chauffeured”  a little bitty boy.  Davey checked on him pretty frequently to make sure all was well.

I like his expression here.

Lunch at El Jardin.  Very good Mexican Restaurant.  Now home.  I went to the library to replenish Davey’s books.  Davey and David are “rassling” at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Mile High Excursion

  1. Looks like Davey is a VERY careful driver. 🙂

    We had a flea market in Webster that used to have good “antiques” from the 20’s and 30’s. Now it’s just crap imported from China. 😦

    The farm market part of it is still good though. The Bread Lady has some mighty good stuff.

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