Make-up Socks – Done!

Last year – on June 1st, I decided to knit my way through The Joy of Sox.    On November 8th,  I started the tenth pattern- these Make-Up Socks.  But then knitting a few Christmas gifts distracted me, and I was slow to get going again on my project.

In the last couple of weeks I decided I was ready to get going again. For one thing, I enjoy seeing Davey’s feet in the pictures.  If I wait too long his feet will be bigger than mine!

So last night I finished sock pattern #10 –  Make-up Socks.

They were a challenge.  I have blogged about them quite abit.  They were always fun but pretty slow going at times.

However, I learned to knit a pair of socks on 2 circulars.  I enjoyed the 2 circulars very much.  I am happy though to go back to my dpns for the next pair.

I had to do lots and lots of small cables.  I really learned how to “read” cables much better.  Also, those little leaves where you increased 1 stitch to 5, knit it several rounds and then decreased back to 1 stitch were so cool.  I look forward to using them in another pattern.  I can see knitting a really pretty hat with them climbing up the sides.

I was glad to have my “photographer” and “photography assistant” helping me again!

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