Sunday: Meet Mr. T-rex & Windy Park Day

Today was the day.  T-Rex was free of his shell.  David and Davey were downstairs a little before me this morning so I didn’t actually see the little T-rex come out of what remained of his shell.  The water was getting kinda murky though and it was definitely time.

Meet little T-Rex. (It’s amazing how much fun we’ve had waiting for this guy to come out of his shell.)  It is interesting that despite being a rubbery/plastic guy,  he is still a bit cold and soggy even after hours out of the water.

That didn’t stop Davey from having fun playing with him while I took some pictures.

“Rawr” or whatever sound it is that a T-rex made.

Small pleasures.

Then we decided to go to the park early to try to avoid the wind.  We didn’t quite succeed.  It was gusty, but I guess not quite as windy as it became this afternoon.

We checked out a new playground.

We ran around on the football/soccer field.  Davey ran and ran and ran and ran.

Davey never gets tired of playing chase.

He loves to say “last one there is a ‘rot – ten’ egg!”

He ran the 50 yard dash.

I watched him running down the field, and I took a series of pictures.  He just loves to run and move, and it’s just fun to watch.

And still he kept on running.

And then he stopped and was probably wondering why the heck we weren’t following him!

So we did.

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