Hangin’ Out

Today Davey and I hung out.  We are heading to Oklahoma tomorrow and so we rested up today.  I started to pack for Davey tonight, and I realized that he has grown out of almost every one of his t-shirts and shorts.  It’s going to be 85 in Oklahoma on Friday, so I figured we are going to have to break out the summer clothes.  Looks like we will be making a trip to the store to get some before heading home tomorrow!   Sweet growin’ kid!

Davey had fun playing with his barn today.  He carefully lined up his animals in the barn.

Yikes!  An alligator in the barn!

Then he was a ghost!

And he popped out!

Fun stuff!

A couple of miscellaneous things:

He has taken to calling David “Dad- O”.  Don’t know where he got it but it is cute.

Davey likes to pick dandelion flowers for me.  When he sees one, he runs to grab it.  Even if I am standing right beside him, he then tucks it under his shirt and says “Mommy!  I have a surprise for you!”  Then he gives me instructions on putting them in water.

We just put him to bed.  He had his bath.  We brushed his teeth.  He likes to brush his teeth for awhile too.  We read 5 books  (We made a trip to the library this afternoon as well).  He was pretty tired tonight as he didn’t ask for stories or songs.  He fell asleep pretty quickly!

And that was our pretty quiet day.

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