Oklahoma bound

Headed to Oklahoma.  We stopped for the evening in Salina, Kansas.  Davey actually went to sleep very quickly.  He hasn’t napped in quite sometime and that almost always includes never falling asleep in the car.  He didn’t today either.  David and I didn’t fall asleep either, but we would have liked to.  We traded off on driving this afternoon a couple of times.  I love that big open sky, but the straightness of I-70 can become monotonous.

Tonight in the hotel, Davey had his juice, Winkie the Rockstar, his Maine pillow, and his books.  He was feeling pretty much at home.  He loves the whole hotel thing.  It’s very fun for him.   He said that he wanted his own bed and he pointed with his entire arm to show us where he wanted us to sleep.  “Over there Mommy!”  I hope he sleeps well.

Lately, he likes to talk to Timber.  He and David started this.  You have to close your eyes to talk to Timber.  He scrunches them tight.  He says things like “I love you Timber.  I miss you.”  This sometimes leads to questions about Timber. He asked if Timber pooped in dog heaven.  He wanted to know what kind of bed he slept on.  He told us that Jesus is there and if we are really lucky that the angels will bring Timber back for a visit.  I think he gets this from a wonderful book by Cynthia Rylant called Dog Heaven. (Our great friend Angie sent it to us after Timber died.)

He likes to talk to Timber, and he likes knowing that he is in dog heaven.  I like listening to him.

So it’s time to rest up for the last part of the drive tomorrow.  I have no pictures to post as I didn’t take any with my camera today nor did I remember to bring a cable so I could download any pictures had I taken any!

I did knit quite abit.  I started a pair of socks with some self-striping Tofutsie.  It’s great fun.  I am just working them in simple stockinette so I don’t have to look down too much.  Cuts down on carsickness and headaches!

Have a happy Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Oklahoma bound

  1. Have a happy holiday in Oklahoma! You actually drove very close to my hometown that’s a tiny town west of Salina. That part of Kansas is very pretty in the springtime!

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