Easter Egg Hunts

I can’t let the Easter festivities go by without a few pictures of hunting Easter eggs.

Davey got to hunt eggs three times.  Well that’s not exactly true.  There were three “official” hunts.  There were  a lot more “unofficial” hunts which finally evolved to Davey saying, “Mommy, you and I will HIDE the eggs!  Then – you and I will find them!”  He thought that was great fun.  Hiding and finding!

When he hid the eggs, he liked to place them on similar colored surfaces.  So a blue and yellow egg was carefully wedged into place on a blue comforter which was next to a yellow pillowcase.   “Mommy, the eggs are camouflaged!”

There was an Easter egg hunt in our hometown on the day before Easter.  That was a lot of fun.  Davey hunted eggs with his cousin Addie.

On Easter we went to my aunt and uncle’s house.  My uncle is Greek, and it is a Greek tradition to dye Easter eggs red.  I loved how they looked, and my picture just does not do it justice.  I had to use the flash, and well it’s ok, but I just thought the bowl of red eggs was just so striking.

Easter was a very rainy day, so we had to hide Easter eggs inside.  Davey’s cousins Paige and Alana were so nice to hide eggs for him.  He loved it.

I didn’t have much success taking good Easter egg hunting pictures inside.  Here’s Davey after the hunt.

He did one final hunt with his cousin Addie.

Actually it was one hunt + 20 more “I want to hide them and find them Mommy” hunts!

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