Movin’ to Maine

And so goes my final post about our trip to Oklahoma.

So one of the best things about going home was getting to see my brother and his wife.  We hadn’t seen them in almost two years.  They came home to help my parents move to northern Maine.  My mom and dad have lived in Oklahoma for almost my entire life, so this is a big change for all of us.

They lived on the lake so before they left, we made one last trek down to “Camp Three Sheets”.  I think my nieces bestowed this name on the rocky beach area below my parent’s house. (and I need to find out the inspiration for that name!)

Davey always enjoys throwing rocks and pretending to fish.  He likes hanging out with Mom.

He also enjoyed spending time with Aunt Holly.  They brought a souvenir piece of driftwood back up to the house.  I’m still not sure if this made it onto the moving truck.  I need to ask Holly.

Packing the truck wasn’t easy.  Now why am I saying that?  I contributed very very little.  I mostly observed. But the driveway leading to the house is on a very steep decline.  So the moving truck bottomed out before reaching the bottom.  They parked the truck as close to the bottom as they could, but then packing a truck on an incline was making for sliding boxes.  So they moved to the top of the hill stopping at the first level point.

Then everything went up the hill.


My dad took a little time out to play some Jenga with Davey.

And Davey took a last little walk around the house.

My mom is now en route and my dad is at the house with my brother and sister who are helping him get all moved in.  (They both live on the East Coast, but I’ve learned that they still do not live all that close to where my mom and dad will be!)

It will seem strange for awhile for them not to be in Oklahoma anymore, but they will love living in Maine.

3 thoughts on “Movin’ to Maine

  1. Oklahoma to Maine will be a big change, but I’ve heard it’s a wonderful and very beautiful place to live. I hope they enjoy their new home.

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