A Happy Half

It’s been a nice day.

Davey with his ribbon.  He loved it.  “Mommy, this is so everyone will know that I’m the birthday boy!”

Celebration decorations:

Davey tried to blow up balloons but he determined that he was too little to have enough air yet to be successful.

He wanted to hang up streamers.  He wanted 3 strips on either end of the railing.  “Because I am 3 Mommy!”

He did not like “all that smoke” from the candles.  (I’m thinking I better skip the candles on my cake if 3 and 1/2 candles are causing a smoke issue.)

He worked hard on blowing out the candles though.

Daddy and Davey:  Lovers of icing.

A present in not so fancy wrapping paper.  (One thing I forgot to get.)

happy 3 and 1/2 little Davey!

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