“Oklahoma” 1/2 birthday

Tomorrow is Davey’s 1/2 birthday.  3 and 1/2.  We are having a party.  Today we went to get a cake, decorations and presents.  Davey was with us to help pick it all out.   After we picked out his cake, he decided that he wanted to have a celebration today as well.

So he said, “Daddy, we need to have an “Oklahoma 1/2 birthday”.   We have no idea where he got that.  He wanted us to have cake today as well.  We settled on choosing some cupcakes which we had this afternoon.

The Buzz Lightyear cupcake suffered a little damage on the trip home.

He likes to be involved in the party plans.  A little while ago I asked him what he wanted to eat.  “Mommy.  We don’t have time to talk about food!  We need to talk about the party! Like about Streamers!”

Tomorrow he will help me decorate for the “official” 1/2 birthday celebration.  We are going with a  Little Einsteins theme.

But for today, he enjoyed his cupcake.

And a picture with Daddy.

And with Mommy.  Davey was having a good ole goofy time.

I also got to do some knitting this weekend.  I am making headway on the Seaside Shawlette.  I was going to take a picture of it, but the lace is just all bunchy and I couldn’t get any kind of good picture.  It needs to be bound off and blocked before I will try that again.

I am just about finished with my “I-70” socks.  I finished one and got a good start on the second on our drive and visit in Oklahoma.  I love the self-striping and colors.  The colors of the socks have an almost faded look to them which reminds me of an old quilt.  I love old quilts.

Blogging was just interrupted by Davey.  He was eating goldfish and dumped them all on the floor.  Then David asked him to pick them up.  Next thing we see is him using his feet to grind them into a fine powder.

I figure I gotta post some stories where he’s getting into a little trouble too!

So I’ve been vacuuming up goldfish powder and Davey has been momentarily banished to his room.  He’s playing like crazy in there now and having a ball.  That’ll teach him!  Silly kid – just needed some downtime.

2 thoughts on ““Oklahoma” 1/2 birthday

  1. I can imagine that smashing Goldfish crackers with your feet would be very satisfying, but I’d have to clean it up myself. You guys sure know how to party. LOVE the socks!

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