Is Hulk a good guy OR what?

First thing this morning:  Davey is already going great guns with his superheroes.

David and I were trying to wake up.

Every few minutes we’d hear:

“Daddy. Is Hulk a good guy OR WHAT?”

Then quiet…well actually more of a more quiet running commentary from the superhero camp.

And then again: “Daddy. Is The Thing a good guy OR WHAT?”

This morning they got out David’s Heroclix.

These are little superhero and supervillain guys.  There is a game with rules that goes along with the clix.  Davey is not too interested.  He likes to set them up with Daddy and then they just have the little guys “clobber” each other.

Superheroes make Davey grin.

Ok and here is what is making me grin.  My seaside shawlette is really coming along. I hesitate to say that as I made a small error yesterday.  I think I fixed it, but I haven’t gotten back to it yet to make sure.

It’s so hard for me to take pictures of my bunched up lace, but I took a couple to kinda show the emerging patterns.

This is the shawl’s center pattern.

And now I am working on the outer part of the shawl.

I’m hoping to complete this shawl soon.  Today is a rainy gray day.  It would be a nice day to knit.  We’ll have to see what the little superhero thinks!

3 thoughts on “Is Hulk a good guy OR what?

  1. I’m not sure about the super heroes being good guys or not, but OMG your lace shawl is gorgeous!! I’m so darn jealous. I just cannot get my act together on lace. I started, yet again, the same stupid lace shawl on Mother’s Day and I still don’t have it right. I did sign up, today, for a 4 day lace class starting in July so I pray I’ll be able to get it going soon. Yours is so awesome. Where did you find this pattern??? I need to look on your Ravelry site.

  2. Blogger is down right now so I’m having a hard time following and blogging. You’ll have to let me know what I’ve missed–like that gorgeous shawl for instance!

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