“It only hurts when I walk on it.”

Yesterday, we went to a enrollment party at the Little Gym.  Davey was having a great time.  They were doing some group activities, and each time they did a new one, they’d call all the kids to the mat.  Well, Davey always runs pell-mell just as fast as his little legs will carry him when the instructor calls. This time he tripped on the mat and went down.  He came up holding his ankle.  Poor thing, it really hurt him.

His ankle didn’t swell.  It didn’t bruise, but Davey could not put any weight on it.  We decided to watch it last night to see how it looked in the morning.

This morning, we decided we’d better have him checked out.

Davey had told us that it only hurt when he walked on it.  I could rotate it around.  I could put some pressure on the side.  “It only hurts when I walk on it Mommy.”

So we were in with the doctor.

He asked Davey several questions. Davey always had the same reply.

Doctor: “Does it hurt when I touch here?”

Davey:  “It only hurts when I walk on it.”

Doctor: “Does it hurt when I move it like this?”

Davey:  “It only hurts when I walk on it.”

Doctor: “Does it hurt when I move your toes?”

Davey: “It only hurts when I walk on it.”

You get the idea.  Davey patiently answered “It only hurts when I walk on it.” to every question.

We went to x-ray.  The doctor didn’t really think they’d find anything, but he wanted to be sure.

Unfortunately they did.  Davey has a buckle fracture on his tibia.

He’s now sporting a black cast.

He’s taken it all quite well.

His only request?  “Smarties and M&Ms”.

So he’s had some Smarties.

And some more Smarties.

And when I asked him for a smile, he was back to his goofy self.

He has to wear the cast for 3 weeks.

I just heard him ask David, “Daddy, when I can I take this thing off?”

Poor thing.  Superboy has been temporarily grounded.

5 thoughts on ““It only hurts when I walk on it.”

  1. Ow! I feel this is only the beginning for you guys and casts! Little boys…. 🙂 I’ve never had experience with casts and all I can think of is how dirty it will be underneath when they take it off!
    I’ll bet he ends up with stickers on his cast!

  2. Well, he looks quite handsome in his “tuxedo” cast. Hope he heals up quickly.

    Hugs to your little fellow — he’s quite a trooper.

  3. Poor baby! I hope it won’t take long to get the cast off.

    My daughters have had a variety of orthopedic ailments. The youngest just progressed from a walking boot to a lace-up ankle brace after stress fractures in her heel/ankle, possibly from landing off-balance from a cartwheel. You know it’s bad when the principal says, upon seeing child with crutches, “Oh that’s right, her sister was always on crutches, too.” (Yes, talk about a compliment to one’s maternal abilities. Sigh.)

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