Cast Be Gone! and Seaside Shawlette Complete

Davey’s cast is gone and has been replaced by a splint and bandage.  Sunday night he told us it itched.   It itched so much that he could not sleep.  We tried benadryl.  I don’t think it phased him.  He slept for a few hours and then from about eleven to three a.m., he was waking up crying every 15-20 minutes, “It itches!”   Poor thing.  He was miserable.  None of us got much sleep Sunday night.

Monday first thing we took him to the doctor.  The doctors looked at the x-ray again and decided it would be ok to do the splint and bandage.   So they cut that thing off.  I was still in class and hadn’t got there before they started cutting off the cast, but David said that Davey giggled through the entire thing.  I guess the vibrating blade tickled a ticklish kid.

Turns out it was a good thing we got that cast off.  2 days into cast wearing, Davey already had some mold on the bottom of his foot.  Davey is really hot-natured and it doesn’t help that his skin is sensitive as well.  He was probably sweating buckets in there and just getting more and more uncomfortable.

So we all slept well last night, and Davey is doing great in his splint and bandage.

He wasn’t too interested in helping me photograph my shawl this morning though.  This was all the cooperation I received.

He was busy playing and watching tv.

I started this shawl in April when my friends at Knit Unto Others began their seaside KAL.   I thought it would be fun to participate despite being a few miles away from where they are in Arkansas.

It has been fun.  I have learned a lot.  Lace really has gotten easier for me.  I can kinda see in the pattern where I should be which helps limit my mistakes.  When I did make mistakes, I was able to tink back and fix them pretty well.  I learned that I should always make sure and use a long enough circular needle!  That was really important.

This is not supposed to be a difficult lace pattern, but it was plenty challenging for me.  In fact, I am so inspired, that I am going to start another KAL today.   This will also be a shawl by Wendy Johnson.  It’s a mystery Knit-a-long which means she will reveal the pattern in segments.  I’m excited about it.

I do have some more to learn about knitting lace.  Not only the knitting of it, but the blocking of it!  This blocked out ok, but I was having no luck with the points.  I was feeling fairly sleep-deprived yesterday, so it probably wasn’t the best day to do it, but I tried anyway.   I’ve now done a little reading, and there are all these different techniques for blocking lace.  The one that intimidates me the least is the one where I use blocking wires.  It looked like a more manageable way to get those points.  So at some point I need to order some!

This picture is actually of the wrong side of the shawlette, but I liked it.

Ok, I guess it’s time to go tackle that mountain of laundry in the basement.  Davey will probably want to climb it first.  It’s pretty tall.

8 thoughts on “Cast Be Gone! and Seaside Shawlette Complete

  1. Sounds like it was a good thing Davey’s cast was removed…I bet everyone’s a lot happier now 🙂
    Your shawl is stunning!!! Anne Hanson uses blocking wires for all of her lace…it looks so much easier and neater and one of these days I’m going to order a set or two from KnitPicks.

  2. Poor Davey! That darn cast must have been driving him crazy. So glad it’s off. He obviously has very hot little feet. When I got my casts sawed off, I was terrified!

    Your shawl is just beautiful! Yes, blocking wires are the only way to go, IMHO. I love the set I bought at Madrona–the little storage tube is great.

  3. Your shawlette is beautiful.

    Glad Davey got rid of the cast. The ace bandage looks a lot more comfortable and a whole lot easier to wash and keep dry.

  4. Oh my—what a gorgeous thing you have created! And I’m not just talking about Davey! That little shawl is just exquisite. What size needle did you use…and did you use fingering size yarn or even smaller yarn? Is it wool? The color looks delicious and it’s just SO cute, and the pattern is beautifully done. You have become a “master” knitter I think. The knitted round doilies I have seen pictures of are the only thing that looks harder than this to me. Just amazing!

  5. I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me — tried to reassure the kid there was nothing wrong, only to find out at the doctor’s office (finally) that the kid was right all along. I’m glad Davey had an itchy night so you could get to the heart — I mean, the sole — of the problem. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  6. How on earth did I miss this??? Seriously, where oh where have I been? C, it’s absolutely, positively beautiful. Gorgeous! And while I am thrilled for IQ Boy, I’m more thrilled to know that now that you have accomplished lace, maybe you’ll be a source of even more inspiration to me!

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