Gettin’ Around & Knitting Disaster Averted *knock on wood*

Davey’s moving around fine today.  Cast?  What cast?

He’s doing a little cooking.

Then he thought of a new game called “Mommy Take a Picture of Me”.

“Mommy Take a Picture of me!”  and then he runs away as fast as he can.

“Mommy Take a Picture of Me!”

Thankfully he is more interested in doing sitting down activities (superheroes, tinker toys and race track), but he’s moving around some too.

And for me, I am knitting a little this morning.

I think it was on Friday when I posted my shawl was going well.  The slightly superstitious part of me knew that I should not make this claim.  And I didn’t even add a single “knock on wood” in that post.

So then my shawl almost became a huge disaster.  I tinked back 100 stitches and then I didn’t have enough stitches on my row and ugh…I was getting worried. But thankfully there was this stitch sequence of “slip 1, k2tog, and psso”  So I could find where these were in my row which helped me find my mistakes. I found where I’d dropped a couple of yarnovers and the green markers were where I needed to get them back.

The reason I think I almost had a disaster was because my stitches were so bunched up on my needles (and of course the fact that I made the mistake of talking about how well I was progressing on the shawl).  Some slid off at one point, and I couldn’t spread them out to see what I was doing.  So before I attempted to make this fix, I bought some 40 inch circular needles.  I should have been using them in the first place (I had 32 inch).

Lesson well learned.

4 thoughts on “Gettin’ Around & Knitting Disaster Averted *knock on wood*

  1. Yep, those slip 1 K2, psso sequences can really save your bacon. Glad you’re back on track. Now, no more jinxing yourself!

    Glad Davey isn’t slowed down by the cast. What a trooper!

  2. Sorry to hear about Davey’s accident…kids are amazingly resilient! (My middle child, and oldest son, got a cast on his arm from his armpit to his wrist bent at a 90deg angle when he was 3. The very first thing he did when we got home with the brand new cast, was run straight at the wooden door with it in front of him!)

    Your shawl is gorgeous! LOVE that orange! Glad you were able to fix it!

  3. Okay now, if YOU have this happen to you, imagine what will happen to me when I try lace??? I started mine last night and I swear I knitted for two hours and have maybe 1/2″! I like instant gratification! I thought about taking it to knitting group tomorrow, but I am NOT talented enough to knit, gossip, talk, blah, blah at the same time! I’m glad for you that you didn’t have to frog too far back!

  4. The shawl is going to be gorgeous! Mistakes are inevitable in lace knitting –you are already learning to “read” the lace and figure out where things should line up. That’s a crucial skill. I think it’s so much easier from charts than written instructions, too.

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