“Can you tell me one of your famous stories, Daddy?”

I’ve just been dismissed.  We just finished reading Davey his bedtime stories.  We’re trying to get him used to the idea of falling asleep by himself again.  He did this from the time he came home from the hospital until he got his toddler bed.  Then we started staying with him until he fell asleep.  So he said I could go tonight.  And as I was leaving the room, he cuddled into David and said, “Can you tell me one of your famous stories, Daddy?”

The sun came out off and on today.  Davey and I ran some errands.  He’s starting to feel a little limited I think by his ankle.  It’s been a week.  Two to go.

Oh boy.  I just heard, “Mommy, I need you.”  I think David has told him it’s time to go to sleep .  So he’s hopeful that I will return to tell many more stories and to sing many more songs.

By the way,  the Rachael Ray Vodka Cream Sauce pasta recipe was really really good.  We had leftovers tonight.

Ok, back to Davey.

3 thoughts on ““Can you tell me one of your famous stories, Daddy?”

  1. I am going to try that pasta sauce. I needed a little vodka for a recipe and had to buy more than what I needed. Now, I know what to do with the rest!

    Sooner or later all kids learn to go to sleep on their own. Sarah is 18 and I think she’s close!

  2. I think I spent about 8 years every evening reading and singing by the bedside of my firstborn, and after that occasionally. Now I’m prepared to do the same with the 2½-year-old; still have many years to go… 🙂

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