InQuisitive Boy and the things he says

I’m working on a superhero name for Davey.  InQuisitive Boy?  Perpetual Motion?  Mr Mayhem?

He’s already been in superhero mode with David this morning.

They built a “castle” for their guys.

They’ve decided they needed more supervillains.  And Davey’s first visit to a comic book shop.   So that’s in the plans for today.

Davey is Mr. Questions (hey there is another possibility!) these days.

“Mommy, why are rainbow sprinkles called rainbow sprinkles?”

“Daddy, what’s a kneecap?”

“Mommy, why are M&M’s called M&M’s?”

And the question of the day:  “Mommy, where do kids come from before they are kids?”

Here is his usual head tilt position  when he is asking questions.

He also gets a few words mixed up.  We referred to an ape as both an ape and a gorilla.  He got a little mixed up and calls them “grapes”.

The other day he wanted to know what “corn on the cobbler” tastes like.  (Now maybe that’s a vegetable that would tempt him.  It does me!)

He’s outside watching David weed-eat and mow.

Here he’s safely perched on the porch.  I gave him some gummy bears to pass the time while he watched (It kept him safely on the porch as well).

I was trying to get him to smile for me.

I just went out to check on him.

“Mommy, would you like to look for bugs with me?”

9 thoughts on “InQuisitive Boy and the things he says

  1. Good Morning! (I know I’m 2 hours earlier than I can tell you are having a little sunshine because of Davey’s shadow on the porch. Are you still loving your new home? The bits and pieces I see of it look wonderful. I was thinking about your search for Davey’s Super-hero name. How about Mr. Mighty Man…or Challenge Man….or Dynamic Dave…(in light of all his questions lately) Questnor the Wonder(ing) Boy (Man)…I watch a 2 year old and a 6 year old every Weds. and they love super heroes too. Have a great Saturday! (by the way…all your projects lately are lovely and inspiring!)

  2. We had a Motor Mouth, Bear, and a Jet-propelled Motor Mouth. Just nick names when they were small. They got others as they grew up. Mostly family nick names. No body else callled them by what we used. Nice names of course,
    Davey looks so cute. How’s his leg doing? And “where do kids come from before their are kids?’ They come from BABIES of course. LOL That should be good enough at this age. = } More to come as they get older. Then you srart to worry what to say. Have fun with that one as he gets more inquistive.

  3. LOL! Good questions and super cute pictures! I can’t wait to hear the first why-questions over here. So far we hear questions like “Where do we really go?”

  4. Don’t be surprised to find you and David are still using Davey’s cute phrases years from now. We still sometimes say “you’re wampum” for “you’re welcome” and that originated at least ten yrs ago.

    My favorite of the photos us the smile with the head tilt.

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