Alpacas and Neighbors

Davey has met our neighbors across the street.  There are two girls:  5 and 2.  Davey is hanging out with the 5 year old right now.  They’ve been playing off and on all day long.  When he came home for lunch earlier he said, “Mommy.  This is the best day ever!”  He loves making new friends.   David and I are enjoying making new neighbor friends as well.

Yesterday we went to the national alpaca show.  There were a skillion alpacas there.  We strolled around and looked at them.   Several nice people stopped with their alpacas (who were en route to being showed or sheared or maybe both!) and let Davey pet the alpacas.  He thought that was pretty neat.

We learned that after an alpaca has been sheared (I guess that’s the right word?), they have very, and I mean very, skinny necks.  We were not quite convinced those necks were capable of holding up their heads.

We watched the alpaca show.  Davey really enjoyed that for awhile.  We liked seeing them get their ribbons.

Davey is explaining something to us here.

I checked out the fiber vendors.  There was not a lot of yarn, but I found some that I liked.  I didn’t buy any though.  Got a business card so maybe I can order some later.

Davey’s friend is now here and they are playing with superheroes and maybe his farm animals now.   There were lots of Barbies at her house.  They found him a Ken though!

It’s a fun day for Davey!

2 thoughts on “Alpacas and Neighbors

  1. Finding a house with a nice family with kids the right age is a gift!

    With 2 girls, we always kept a shoebox of little cars for visiting boys to play with… And even their first time here, they could find anything with wheels no matter how hidden it was in the toy box.

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