Show and Friends

Davey had his Winter/Spring show at “tumblin” yesterday.  (He’s already asked this morning if we have “tumblin'” again today!)

He had a great time.  They did a short routine as a group and then individually.  They got on the beam and the bars.

Davey has made a new friend in tumbling.  This happened last week.  He loves loves his new friend.  For the first time, when the teacher called them back to the mat, Davey was not interested.  He was playing with his new friend.

So we talked about being respectful and listening to the teacher.  Yesterday he was ready to go back and be a good listener.  Poor kid.  He did great.  I say poor kid, because he was just so torn at times.  Some of the 3 year olds still just go where the wind takes them, but he knows he can sit and listen to the teacher.  He’d be sitting as the teacher asked, but some of his friends would be running around the room willy nilly.   I could see the turmoil in Davey.  Every once in awhile he’d reach out his arm for them.  And a couple of times, he ran willy nilly with them too, but I could see him really trying!

Here he is with his medal.  He is  proudly standing by one of his new friends (I cropped most of the friend out as I didn’t get permission to put his photo up).

I’m just not quite sure what to think about this picture.  He looks like such a big grown-up kid here!

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