Mile High Baseball

Yesterday we took Davey to his first professional baseball game.

(I liked my shot I just happened to get of the pitcher, although it was taken from 29 miles away!)

 It was a cloudy day, so while the mountains looked pretty in the background, it’d be really nice on a bright sunny day.

So we went to the game.  We started working our way up to our seats.  Up and UP and UP and we kept going up.  The last escalator to the upper deck was very steep.  I have bad dreams about steepness such as that.

Here’s how high we were.   See that purple row of bleachers?

You can see it better here.

That row of seats represents the mile high mark.  We were a couple of rows above that.  I didn’t move until we left.  It was rather dizzying, although we adjusted after awhile.

That said, we could still see great, and it was so much fun.

We met our neighbor and his daughters at the game.  He had the extra tickets, and it was fun to get to know another one of our new neighbors.  Here is what Davey did when he was introduced to the daughters (they were probably 10 and 13 or so?).

First he hid his head in David’s arm, and then he carefully peeked around.

Davey stayed very busy.

He learned about baseball.

The whole notion of baseball really doesn’t interest him too much yet.

He really enjoyed shelling peanuts.  Not eating them.  Shelling them.  “Here Mommy!  I have a peanut for you!”

He drank some lemonade.

He ate most of a hotdog.  (Ketchup only please).

He didn’t always like the loud noises, but he liked clapping and the events between the innings.

We looked for ourselves on the jumbotron thing, but we didn’t come up.

“Is that us Davey?”

“No Mommy.  That’s not us!”

He made a trek back down the mountain to find a potty with Daddy.  (I document it all!)

And returned safe, sound and happy.

By the 4th inning he was winding down already.  (The first inning had been very long and exciting.  The Rockies scored 6 runs.)  So by the time the 4th inning came around, it was getting close to 7pm and Davey was getting tired.

But then he spotted the guy selling cotton candy, and he was revived.

After he had eaten his fill of cotton candy, he was ready to go once again.

It was time to head home.  Davey made it 2 hours which was a long long time for a 3 year old to sit in one place.   And he told us that he is ready to go to another game!

(It turns out we’d picked a good night to go.  Rockies won 15-4.)

5 thoughts on “Mile High Baseball

  1. Now that’s taking “nose-bleed seats” very literally!

    It looks like you had a great time — I bet Davey will want to go again, especially when he realizes that parents are a lot more flexible about cotton candy purchases at baseball games.

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