Vacuuming with Daddy and a visit to Rock Creek Farm

Davey was very excited to help Daddy vacuum this morning.  It was his first time to wield a vacuum.

He thought this was pretty fun, but the vacuum was a little noisy for him.

Yesterday Davey and I went to the Rock Creek Farm Preserve.

Davey wanted to have a picnic, and it needed to be just right.  He did not want to eat at the picnic table.  He wanted a picnic blanket spread out on the ground.  It was a little chilly in the shade so I went scurrying back to the car for a long-sleeved shirt.  The picnic blanket doubled as a blanket for his legs.

Davey likes to wear “Daddy’s ballcap”.  “Mommy.  Daddy  made it the right size for me!”


After we ate, we went exploring.

Davey cooperated for a “Davey stand there so I can take a picture of you with the lake behind you” shot.

Davey picked up rocks.  “Mommy.  They are for my rock collection!  I’m starting one today!”

We looked at cattails.  That word was a source of confusion, but we got it straightened out.  No animals were harmed in the formation of the cattails.  It took me awhile to convince Davey of this.

Ok David and Davey are now in the dusting phase and I must go help!

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