Water Park Time Again and Mowing

Davey and I made our first trip to the water park today.  Davey was anxious to go back having had so much fun almost daily last summer at the Arkadelphia waterpark.

It’s a great waterpark.  Lots of space to spread out and have a picnic, and they have some nice areas for small children.  But there is a difference here, and it’s about the water temperature.  The water at the Arkadelphia park was more on the hot tub side.  The water at the Broomfield park is more like an icy Rocky Mountain stream.  It’s still early in the season though.  Maybe it will warm up abit.  It gets pretty cool here at night though, so then that drops the water temperature again.

It was 90 degrees today but the wind was blowing really hard.  It picked up speed after we’d been there a couple of hours and Davey was shivering.  For us, it was time to head home, but many of the kids would play play play and then go huddle up in a towel.

Until the wind really picked up though, it was really nice.  Davey had a great time playing around in a shallow kids’ pool.  We’ll definitely spend some more time there this summer.

Then this afternoon, Davey helped David mow for the first time.  He thought it was great fun.

Little does he know that David is passing on mowing duties.

Ok.  Maybe not quite yet.

2 thoughts on “Water Park Time Again and Mowing

  1. My husband did the mowing last week (for the first time in a good long while) and showed my 14yo daughter how to run the push mower. It was a little scary, so I was glad to stop watching and let them at it. They wimped out pretty quickly (“It’s soooo hot….”) so I think they’re just waiting for me to get a little better so I can take it back on my list of chores 🙂

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