Blocking with Davey and the Hulk

I blocked my Wendy Johnson Mystery Shawlette this morning.   Yesterday I’d bought blocking wires, and what a world of difference that made.  It was so much easier than when I attempted to block my Seaside Shawlette with pins only.

I also had my blocking squares which made it that much easier.

Davey helped me of course.  He was measuring things with the yardstick.  Then Hulk got involved as well.

Then Davey and Hulk had a pillow fight.

Then Davey decided to play some Elefun.

Now the shawl is drying.  It was a wonderful pattern.  I did not have to have a cone of silence around me.  I could even watch some tv while I was knitting it.

I love lace.  I can’t wait to knit more.  I need to get back to my Joy of Sox and I will, but I am kind of hooked on lace.

I never thought I would say that!

So now I am about done writing.  Davey and I are singing “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash.  He loves that song.

6 thoughts on “Blocking with Davey and the Hulk

  1. It is a beautiful shawl!

    Did you see the movie Walk the Line? I thought they did a terrific job.

    Davey’s adorable. Elefun is a big hit here, too (and it’s always nice when they have a toy they don’t grow out of right away).

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