Chalk? Dinosaur Dig!

Saturday we went to the Denver Chalk Art Festival.  When I think of chalk being used outdoors, I think of sidewalk chalk.  I think of the chalk that I have watched my nieces and Davey using.

I didn’t expect results such as these:

I wish I could have seen the wolf on Sunday after the piece was completed.

This one went on to win first place I think.

These artists were using pastels – I guess technically a type of chalk?  They were using jillions of colors and  they were beautiful.  And to think how temporary these pieces are.

There were many many artists, and David and I enjoyed looking at all of their work.

What about Davey?  Well, the art was ok, but he enjoyed his “dinosaur dig”.

We had forgotten our sunscreen and soon found that we were going to cook without it, so Davey and I waited at this sidewalk construction area, while David ran back to get the sunscreen.

Davey was determined to find David a t-rex bone.

“Mommy, T-Rex bones are Daddy’s favorite!”

He found a nice rock which he identified as a t-rex bone.

Gravel and rocks and the potential for a paleontological find.  That’s what it is all about!




5 thoughts on “Chalk? Dinosaur Dig!

  1. You know, we always say we’re going to go and then there seems to be other committments that prevent us. One of these days…

    Looks like you had a fun time!

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