Hodge Podge

Yesterday I learned to do a circular cast on –  The Emily Ocker Cast on to be more specific.  It involved a crochet hook.  I figured it out by watching a couple of videos and then referring to the photos from the link above.   Apparently I needed several types of demonstrations in order to learn this.  It was tricky at first, and then when I got it – I got it!  I love that feeling, and after that, it was easy as pie.  I am starting a circular shawl.  Girasole by Jared Flood to be specific.  So far so fun!

Let’s see what else.  Davey continues to remind us at least once daily that “Davey is a little boy name, and when he gets big he wants to be called ‘Thor'”.  I suggested David.  Nope.

Today we were walking on a sidewalk toward a building, and Davey said, “I smell elephants”.  Apparently, someone had just put some fertilizer down.

I don’t know why he continues to ask me superhero questions.  I either get it wrong, or I get it wrong.  And the rest of the time, I just don’t know.  And even when I do know, I still get it wrong.  “Mommy.  Can Captain America fly?”  I say yes.  “No Mommy!”

“Is Boomerang a good guy?” 50 -50 shot here for me.  “Yes”, I say.  “No Mommy!”  (And I am not sure as I write this which he is.  I am no good on 50 50 odds, and I tend to forget quickly.)

It doesn’t matter if Davey already knows the answer.  He still wants to ask the question.  So I try to answer incorrectly to play with him.  I still manage to mess that up half the time.

It’s all very confusing.

I am working on the superheroes and supervillains working together.  I encourage them to hug and stuff.  I also encouraged Davey to learn all their super abilities and such so that later when he gets older, then they can do battle.  That works a little.  The bad guys are not bad.  They are just silly!  At least, I keep trying to tell him that.  He still wants to make them battle, although I think they all went camping today.  Apparently, Dr Doom was nice when he went camping.

So that’s our lives of superheroes and more superheroes.

David got a Roger Federer hat today.  A friend  brought it back from Switzerland.  It may be one of David’s favorite things he has ever received in his entire life.  He was very excited.  I need to take a picture of it perched on his head.

The other night I made this: Cindy’s Jambalaya.  I have made it several times.  I highly recommend it.  I used turkey smoked sausage, and I thought it worked great.

Tonight we are making homemade pizza.  Davey is getting ready to help me.  Better get to it!

7 thoughts on “Hodge Podge

  1. Looks like you’ve got a new challenge! It’s a beautiful shawl pattern.
    Changing subject – I love the “hugs” 🙂

  2. Congrats on the new cast on! Davey has a point, Thor does sound pretty grown up!

    Good luck with the superheros…my hubby was really into comic books when he was young so he knows most of them (plus we’ve got some sort of superhero encyclopedia thing) so the kids know not to ask me because I don’t know anything, lol!

  3. I actually have a friend that has a grandson named Asher Thor. Not sure of his last name. What do you think of that?

    I think I’d resort to “I don’t know Davey, what do YOU think?” as my stock answer, lol.

  4. Isn’t that circular cast-on the coolest thing? Congrats on nailing it. Please tell Thor I said hello. THAT is a great big name for such a cute little guy, but I guess he’s not so little anymore.

  5. LOL at “Thor”!

    I learnt Emily Ocker’s cast on to knit an EZ Pi shawl. It makes you feel incredibly clever, doesn’t it?! 😀

  6. I want to make Girasole very badly, but just can’t figure out whether I’d wear it or not (of course that hasn’t stopped me yet with the incessant lace shawl making, has it?). I’ll live vicariously through yours. Look how adventurous you’re getting with the lace! I love how your shawl looks in the blog banner.

    PS – I think Thor would be a cool nickname for a boy of any age 🙂

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