Champ Camp

Yesterday Davey started a 6 week camp.  They’ll meet weekly and learn the basics of three different sports: soccer, tball/baseball, and basketball.  (I’m thinking the basketball portion of the camp is going to be a hoot.)

Twenty 3 and 4 year olds participated in this camp.  There was a coach for every 3-4 kids.  It was the greatest thing.  There is nothing like seeing twenty 3 and 4 year olds all in a big group.  It’s like puppy joy.

They stretched.

They lined up in their groups, and they held hands as they walked to the area where they were going to practice.

I love watching them walk in their little groups.

He loved kicking the ball.

Oh and look at his focus!

Every once in awhile they’d all just fall down giggling.

At the end of camp, they all got in a big circle again.  Then the coach would throw the ball toward one of the kids and they were supposed to kick it.

This was fun, but then the ball got away, and that was even more fun.  I wish I’d taken a better picture of the circle of kids disappearing as 20  kids went running after that ball.

After we were finished, I wanted to take a picture for David.

“Davey, smile!  I want to take a picture for Daddy!”

Thank goodness that reverse psychology still works on him sometimes.

“Davey.  That’s great!  Daddy will love to see the back of your head!”

Immediate spinning child and this:

(And yes, his name is spelled wrong.  The poor girl was being swarmed by 20 kids needing name tags, and I didn’t have the heart to ask her for another.)


3 thoughts on “Champ Camp

  1. This sounds like awesome fun!

    One of my favorite memories of my girls playing soccer when they were that age: in the middle of a game, not even a practice, one little girl on A’s team decided it was time to play Beauty Shop, so all of the girls immediately stopped running and started twirling their hair. The fathers couldn’t believe their eyes 🙂

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