Girasole, Starfish and Karate

I have been going great on my Girasole.  Until…


I was starting Chart C.  I had 260 stitches on my needles.  Oh no – nope… I had 263.  I had a feeling that the mistake happened two rounds back or about 750 stitches back. I am not too good at ripping out in the round.  I lose my place.  I’ve been thinking about how I can avoid that.  Thinking a simple safety pin maybe to mark a spot.

My other option of tinking back 750 stitches did not appeal to me either. So since it didn’t take me that long to get this point – I just ripped it all out.  I’ve already made some headway again.  I think I am going to have to have my cone of silence again.  At least for awhile.

I was a little disgusted so I put the girasole away and knitted this dishcloth.  I saw the pattern and was curious to see how the wedges would all come together.  It was really fun and a fast knit too!

And finally,  Davey is starting karate at the Little Gym this fall, and he is very excited.  Very.  “Mommy, I already know a lot about karate”, he tells me.

Then he demonstrates.

There’s a lot of “Hi Ya!!!” action too.

And lots of spinning around and crazy kicking.

That picture was kinda blurry – boy in action!


3 thoughts on “Girasole, Starfish and Karate

  1. I’m a little tearful about ripping out all those stitches, but you sound like you survived it with good cheer so I’ll try to get over it too 🙂

    The starfish is very cute — great for gifts, too.

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