Independence Day (and he danced and danced and danced)

On Monday we walked over to our community festival to celebrate the 4th.

Davey immediately got in line to bounce in the bouncy houses.  He’d spent the day discussing how he wanted to ride the donkeys, but as soon as we got there, he forgot about that and went straight for the bouncy houses.

And he had such fun scrambling over this bouncy mountain.

Then despite the fact that he could do this every day of the week, he decided to play on the playground.  I think he enjoyed the jillions of kids there.  It looks like I dressed him to match the playground equipment.

Oh and there were cupcakes!  And like his daddy, he likes the icing best.  He gave David the cake part I think.

But the highlight of the evening  was his dancing.  There was a group playing called Funkiphino.  They were a lot of fun.  We’re going to have to go see them again as it turns out that Davey is a disco/funk loving kid.  He positioned himself at the front of the stage, and then he danced.

and he danced and danced and danced.   He was a blur.   (He also danced with the little girl in the black dress next to him.  He kept trying to strike up a conversation amidst their dancing.)

He even incorporated numerous somersaults into his dance.

It was one of my favorite moments ever – watching him dance.

We than walked back to the park by our house, and we all watched the fireworks. Davey sat by Uncle Michael.

He got a little sleepy.


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