First Swimming Lessons

Davey started swimming lessons yesterday.

There was abit of anxiety associated with this decision.  Davey had decided that he wanted to “wait until he gets older” (I’d suggested this as a possibility when I saw that he was worried about the lessons).

The main problem was that he did/does not want to put his head in the water.

So I went back and read the class description for the Guppies one more time.  The goals of the class are centered around getting comfortable in the water.  It looks like they will work on blowing bubbles and work up to an assisted backstroke.  It appears that there is likely no possibility of his face having to go into the water at least during this first week.

I explained this to him, and he got excited about going.

I was a little worried that I’d be wrong, so I was a little anxious too.

Fortunately, at least two days into lessons, there has been no suggestion of putting his face in the water.  It’s been all about getting comfortable in the water.

First he got acquainted with his awesome teacher.

Michael, Holly and I watched from the sidelines.  I sweated.  It was so warm and humid in there!  I have no pictures of me sweating thank goodness.

Davey held on tight to the board.

I could see him saying “Go back!  Go back!”  a few times.

He was so happy to return to safety (relative safety that is, I was nervous watching him sit on the edge of the pool).

They had to sit up really straight at one point.  I can’t remember exactly what they were getting ready to do, but I thought it was pretty cute.

At the end, Davey was happy and giving his teacher high fives.  High fives with Vigor!  It looked like he was trying to knock his poor teacher back into the water!

David took him back today and there was more getting comfortable in the water.  No sign of “face in the water” yet.  By the time it comes, hopefully Davey will be more ready!  We are proud of him!





4 thoughts on “First Swimming Lessons

  1. wow…I don’t even truly know Davey and I’m proud of him too! Having your face underwater is a primal fear, and not just a fear for little ones. I have heard that the classes where tiny infants learn to swim is good because it “bypasses” this and the kids learn from instinct…since in the womb they actually were enclosed in liquid…it’s kind of a muscle memory for them. I think Davey is the perfect age to start learning to swim and enjoying the water even more! And, eventually, you won’t have to worry quite as much when he is near the water. You will always worry a little. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Christina!

  2. Neither one of my girls liked putting face into water, but eventually they both surrendered to the inevitability of it… and then the swimming lessons went beautifully. It looks Davey is already getting into the fun of it, that will help a lot that he nows has a positive experience with the lessons.

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