Goofy Photo Day

We’ve had these big rumbling rumbling thunderstorms the last few nights.  They’ve been great (except for the flash flooding part in parts of town).  The noise has been amazing.  I love a good thunderstorm.

The other afternoon we went to the playground although a storm was brewing.  We ended up having plenty of time though before it came through.

Davey wanted his goldfish snack right when we got there.  I don’t know what possesses him to put as many goldfish in his mouth as possible.  It may be inherited trait.  He is closely related to someone who does the same thing with popcorn.  I’m not naming any names.

He was bouncing around playing here.  I’m not sure what exactly he was doing, but I liked the shot.

He was telling me yesterday about who is “in his heart”.

“Mommy, you and Daddy are in my heart”.

“Ashley (our 5 year old neighbor) – she faded into my heart.”  (I love the words he chooses).

Then I guess we were getting too gooshy so he got silly with it.  “Mommy!  Trees and bushes are in my heart!”

I haven’t blogged much about knitting lately.  I have been knitting, although not as much as I’d like to.  I am not finishing much though.  I am jumping around from project to project.  I did finish another hat, which I need to mail to a friend.

I’m also working on something that I think is really very cool.  I am test knitting a few projects for an upcoming knitting book that a friend of mine is co-authoring.   This is really neat.  Yarn magically appears at my doorstep, and then I just start knitting it up.  I’ll look forward to sharing pictures of these projects once the book is out!

And a final photo of Davey.  I’ve gone with mostly goofy photos of Davey today, but I like his expression in this one.

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