Saturday Morning & High Altitude Popovers

It’s Saturday morning and we are hanging out.  Actually, David went to run, Davey is playing his Hero Up game on the computer, and I am transferring all of our bills to our new bank.  Not my idea of fun, but I am done now.

I am hoping that we do a whole lot of not much today.  Although, I need to go to the grocery store, and the library and the post office.  After that, hopefully not much.

I’ve been researching the making of popovers at high altitude.  They are a fun bread to have with dinner sometimes.  In Arkansas, they rose up in the oven and made beautiful tall popovers.  Here, they resemble a flat muffin with a small hole in the middle.

I’d been using this popover recipe from Allrecipes.  It’s a really good recipe.  Even kinda flat, they tasted pretty good.

But today, I learned this- High Altitude Popovers.  It’s a very detailed explanation of how to make popovers at high altitude, but there is a summary of the recipe at the end which seems straightforward.

If you love popovers or if you’ve never tried them, the allrecipes recipe is very easy and they are fun to make.  If you live at high altitude though, I’ll let you know how this other recipe goes!

Just thought I’d share.

Ok time to go hangout.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning & High Altitude Popovers

  1. Absolutely love popovers but haven’ t had them in years. They were my Dad’s specialty. Popovers most of the time but popunders every so often. Delicious either way. Hope your high altitude recipe works.

  2. Hey there!~ I used to use this high altitude recipe you posted but it looks like the site is down—-do you happen to have a copy of that recipe?—I loved it and tried to make popovers this morning (at altitude) and they were awful!

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