Winkie, Winkie, and Winkie (the African Violets)

Today I decided it might be fun for Davey to help me pot some African Violets. I think he will also like helping to take care of them.

I went to Home Depot to get the basic supplies.

Davey helped me put potting soil in the bottom of the pot  (He immediately got very dirty which was as it is always meant to be with him).

He wanted to place the plant into the pot.

He carefully grasped the plant

and eased it into the pot.

I told him we could talk to the plants.

He was apologizing to them here for having gotten dirt on some of their leaves.

This may have been when he decided to name all three of them Winkie.

Davey took a liking to Winkie, Winkie and Winkie.  He told David that he knew which Winkie was which.  All these Winkies.  I guess it makes it easy to remember names.

Now the Winkies are sitting on the sill in the front room.

Davey did a fine job!


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