the Puff

I thought I’d try to take some pictures with Koko Puff this evening.

I brought her out on the porch.  Koko always knows what she wants to do and always does what she wants.  She did not want pictures.

We managed to get her in a few pictures though.

Koko’s head is very tilted due to a vestibular problem she has developed again.  She’s a little sideways but has been doing ok.

We love our Koko girl.


1 thought on “the Puff

  1. These are precious pictures–family pictures. Looks like you’ve all adjusted to your new home. And you always seem to be having lots of new adventures. I hope the summer has been grand for the Bielohs. Here in Washington, we have been fortunate indeed with no extreme heat, no tornadoes, no out-of-control wildfires, no floods…just a wee bit of rain in July, unusual but totally bearable. And the temps have been from 68 – 82…just perfect. Everything is still lush and green, not dry and yellow like most years, and we just had 4 days of gorgeous days/sunsets. We get 3 or 4 beautiful days…then a couple of days of drizzles. But it’s ok with me–seeing the misery that much of the country has been dealing with weather-wise.

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