Anniversary and Bats!

Today was our wedding anniversary.  It’s an all-inclusive our as Davey felt it was his anniversary too.  He wanted cupcakes, cake, balloons and streamers.  We did make a cake.  As usual, all he was interested in was the icing.

He likes all opportunities to celebrate.

Tonight we went on a Family Moonlight Walk.  It was sponsored by our town rec center.  We met at dusk.  There were probably 15 people?  Davey was the youngest child, but he didn’t know it.  He jumps right in there with the older ones and doesn’t mind telling them what to do.

“Mommy, he’s talking too loud!”

“Hey!  Don’t kill that cricket!”

He’s very interested in the other kids and wants to move along in their pack.  David and I were instructed to stay back.  He kinda moved to the back to indicate how far back we should stay.

We learned about bats.  For awhile, we looked for bats and saw several.  Then all the kids became interested in identifying every bug they saw on the sidewalk.  All flashlights would point at this small bug.  Davey would squat with them and they would identify the creatures which were primarily crickets, roly polies, and daddy long legs.  They had great fun with this though.

Davey had a new flashlight (Buzz Lightyear!) so he was pretty much set for any scenario.

I wish I could have taken pictures.

Davey was up way past his bedtime and when he did get to bed, he fell asleep within 10 minutes.   As did David!

3 thoughts on “Anniversary and Bats!

  1. Happy Anniversary! That Family Moonlight Walk sounds like a lovely way to celebrate. It’s so cute Davey participates in your anniversary celebration. Sarah has opted out of ours for many years now. Thinks it’s weird to be there. I guess that’s a teenager for you.

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