An apple and a friend

Saturday, Davey got to spend most of the day with his friend Olivia.  She and her family met David and Davey at the indoor waterpark.  They played there, played at the indoor playground, and then they came to our house.

At some point, Davey was overheard yelling, “Hey, leave my girlfriend alone!”

oh man.

They play so well together.

And today I knitted an apple. It’s cute.

I really like how it turned out.  I don’t really want to knit any more though.  If I knit something once, I usually don’t want to knit it twice.  Especially something that is kinda fiddly like the apple.  It was easy to do, but a little fiddly.

Davey and I played outside today some.  I got him a inflatable pool.  David and I aired it up.  We put water in it.  Davey was more interested in the hose.  The water in the pool was too cold.  The pool may be a flop, but we’ll try again tomorrow.   So I worked on my apple, and he sat by me and worked on a lollipop.  He even let me take a few pictures.

He was having fun (lonely pool can be seen in the background).





1 thought on “An apple and a friend

  1. I’ll bet if you fill up that pool in the morning, by the afternoon the water will be bath water warm. Been so hot here!

    I love that apple! Don’t you want to knit a Golden Delicious now? Or a McIntosh? LOL!

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