If You Put a Little Boy in a Tux

Davey was a ringbearer at my cousin’s wedding this weekend.  He had such a fun time (we all did!).  I took almost 400 pictures, so I’m thinking I can blog about the wedding weekend just abit.

I learned that dressing wiggly wriggly Davey in a tux required at least two people, and it still wasn’t easy.

Then I was reminded that I usually photograph him in just candid shots.  He’s not a fan of posing with a smile.  Here is what he does:

(He is standing here with his cousin.  He loves hanging out with her!)

We went outside to wait for our rides to the church.

He decided to have a good ole time posing with Daddy.

And a little of this:

Followed by abit of this (David is blurry, but Davey is in fine form):

After all that, he needed a moment of rest.

It didn’t take long though until he quickly perked up.

I like this one of him looking up at his Oma.


And finally, here’s a little of what the wedding photographer must be sorting through.

Davey smiling at the flower girl.

And this (minus the red-eye).





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