Big Day at Breckenridge

David’s dad was here visiting for the last several days, and on Friday we took him to Breckenridge.  We all enjoyed it, but it was a big fun day for Davey for sure.

We had lunch in Frisco, and then we had a little photo session with Davey.  He wanted to take pictures of us.  I was fairly nervous watching him hold that heavy camera, but for some crazy reason, I went with it.

He liked taking pictures of us.

Sometimes he didn’t quite get his aim right.

Some were better:

Davey made some canine friends.

He discovered newspaper boxes, and it looks like he wanted to climb right in.

We went up to Breckenridge where Davey got to pan for gold.  He was so careful about shaking the pan, and then he’d turn it very carefully to set it back on the tray thing.

He rode his very first pony all by himself.

He was really concentrating.  His pony’s name was Disco.

While Davey was on the pony, all the other ponies decided it was time to poop.   Davey was not too thrilled with this.  The smell soon got the best of him, and he was ready to get off Disco!

Davey then moved on to a maze with Daddy.  I watched from above.  I still have bad memories from the corn maze last fall.  They did great figuring this one out.

Then they played putt putt.  This was also a first for Davey.

He didn’t want to be bothered with long shots.  He took that ball, marched to the hole and placed it carefully about a foot away.

I was kinda surprised to get an action shot of Davey on a putt putt course.

I took a break from all this activity and knitted on my purple blob for awhile.  I am getting very close to finishing my Girasole.

And then (well there was also a ride in the gondola – but Davey is quite comfortable with that now, and also Mary’s Mountain Cookies (where as usual Davey ate only the icing between the cookies))  we went on a carriage ride.  Davey really liked this too.  Another first for him!

Oh and then he found another newspaper box.  He was quite interested in these today.

After all this, Davey played chase with David.  I guess the icing must have energized him once again.

Whew what a day!



5 thoughts on “Big Day at Breckenridge

  1. Agreed ,Christina you have deserved icing, what a boys day! :+)
    I’m sooo glad Davey had sooo many firsts..not breaking the camera is my favorite ! The fact that he wanted to crawl in the newspaper bins equals that he’s your son,so joyfully adventurous! i love that photo sooo much that’s a photo album photo !!!! He’s gotten sooooo big , WOW.I’m soooo glad you enjoyed Brekenridge,I went from 113 in Texas,to 90 in Yukon, back up to 100 in Lawton/Medicine Park to end out my week 40-36 in a cabin in Brekenridge!
    And knitting of course! 🙂

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