And We Went to the Party

I blogged about getting ready for the wedding.  Now here’s after.

Davey was ready for the party!

Before the dancing we had dinner, and the nice lady let him use the mallet on the keys to announce that dinner was beginning.  Davey thought this was pretty darn cool.

Then he needed some energy.

And cake of course.  He had to have cake.  Or as usual – icing.

Energized once again, he was ready to scope things out.

We watched the bride and groom start off the dancing.  It was dark so the photography was a challenge.  But David got some cool looking pics.

This was a Greek wedding with Greek dances.  I didn’t know what I was doing, but we got together with our Aunt Liz (who is also mother of the bride), joined hands, and off we went.

We went round and round and round.  Davey kept going and going and going.   I tried to get the hang of the steps, but my sad attempt at mastering the dance steps pretty much equated to my playing Ring Around the Rosie.  Oh but it was a fun time though!  Davey wasn’t at all concerned with perfect dance steps which was as it should be!

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