The Return of Winkie

So last week we lost Winkie.  I had called the hotels but no one had seen him, so I got Davey a new Winkie.

Two days later, the Holiday Inn in Lincoln called.  They’d found Winkie and they kindly offered to mail him back.

Today Winkie arrived.  Davey and I were headed out to run an errand, and when we opened the door, there was a package on the front porch.  I immediately knew what it was.  Davey just thought “yay yay a package!!!” as he always does.  So I knew he’d want to open it.

And he did. Davey opened the box and he looked a little confused for a moment, but then he smiled and said, “Winkie!” and gave him a big hug.

I explained how Winkie had been left behind at the hotel.  I told him that we had been worried that he would be sad so we got him Winkie’s twin brother Winkie.

Davey was thrilled.   “Mommy!  Thanks so much!  That was so nice of you!”  (I felt a little guilty about this.)

He told me, “This is Winkie’s little twin bruver!”

He hugged them both.

Then he started getting goofy.

He likes to walk toward me when I am trying to take his picture.

So Winkie made it home and everyone is happy!

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