More crafts and a sweet one too.

Yesterday afternoon, Davey and I went to Hobby Lobby to look for more crafting ideas.

We came home with foam jack-o-lanterns and the various foam stickers with which we could decorate them  (It was all in a little kit).

Davey had fun with it.

And then my friend Carol (aka Miss Murray which is how I first knew her when she was my music teacher) posted this sweet and salty candy recipe.  Davey saw the pictures and couldn’t wait to try it out.  So this afternoon we got the necessary ingredients (of which there are only 3).

He unwrapped Hershey’s kisses and carefully placed them on the pretzels.

 (Check out the octopus tattoo.  He’s pretty much trying to refuse a bath because he does not want it to come off.  There may be a bit of a battle in a bit. (I’m liking that tongue twister.))

Then he eventually started putting more kisses in his mouth then on the pretzels.

Then he said, “I’m tired and off he went.”

So I finished them up.  We just made one sheet today.  I don’t want too many of them tempting me.

I have a fascination with taking pictures from this angle.

They are now in the refrigerator firming up.

I’m happy to say that as a result of making these Davey tried a new food.  Candy Corn.  I know it has no nutritional value, but whenever he will try something, anything new – I am just a little bit happy about that.  He liked them.  I had to put those out of his reach as well.



2 thoughts on “More crafts and a sweet one too.

  1. I heard of someone putting a Rolo on those little pretzels, then a m&m on top. haven’t had them, but how could they be bad?

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