Cider Days 2011

Saturday we went to Cider Days.  I can’t believe it has been a year since I wrote about last year’s Cider Days.  We covered pretty much all the same things we did last year.  Bouncy house, burro ride, barrel ride, magic show, and just generally enjoying about the best organized festival we’ve ever been to.  It’s a lot of fun.

I looked at the pictures from last year.  Here’s Davey on Nestor last year.

Here’s Davey on Rambo (yes Rambo!) this year:

Hard to believe he was not quite 3 at this time last year.

They were giving out bottles of bubbles too this year, and Davey enjoyed playing with those.  He tried to blow them for awhile.

Then he found it to be more fun for me to blow them while he chased them around (and sometimes tried to karate kick them).  I love this picture that David took.

It was a beautiful day.

Now it’s starting to cool off more and more each day.  The leaves are really starting to turn here (apparently they are in their full glory in the mountains).

Davey and I were able to play outside today though.   He really wanted to rake leaves this afternoon, but there were only about 12 leaves to rake so far.

He’s fiesty that kid, and I think that sometimes I have to blog about the more trying times and not just the easy times.  Today we were at the post office and he threw a gigantic fit.  Now in hindsight, I can identify several mistakes that I made which might have mitigated or prevented the fit.  But it happened, and I know it does happen. But as he was throwing his fit,  I was feeling helpless and uncertain.  (I’d waited in line without incident for 10 minutes, and I was the next person in line – I wanted to get my postal errand done!) So as I tried to deal with Davey, I found myself asking myself what was worse:  When Davey threw up on me twice in the grocery store or this.  Really.  Covered in Davey puke versus tantrum.  It was a close one.  I think the tantrum was slightly preferable, but only slightly.

But we survived it, and soon Davey and I were recovered and happy again.

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